Delivering more than $42 billion to the economy annually, Australia’s inbound tourism industry is a vital export sector, directly employing more than half a million people and touching the life of almost every Australian.

The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) is leading the industry in advocating for policy outcomes that help to strengthen tourism’s future.

Tourism Drives Growth, and the Federal Election 2019 is a time to focus political parties and candidates on investing in our industry and engaging the policy to build on our success into the future.

Positioning for Success

While the inbound tourism industry continues to record extraordinary growth, it is vital we approach this with the future in mind – placing sound policy planning at the centre of Australia’s tourism strategy.

Predictions of 15 million international visitors traveling to Australia by 2027 are exciting, but how will our industry cope? If we are to realise this potential, what does success look like and how do we get there?

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Calling for Action

ATEC is calling on our political leaders, both state and federal, to take action. This means making commitments to tourism’s future through policies and programs that support tourism businesses to achieve success because Tourism Drives Growth.

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The Challenge

There are important questions our industry needs to address to continue to enhance our competitiveness and ensure we maintain a high quality experience. Questions like:

  • Where

    will our visitors be going?

  • How

    will they get there?

  • Where

    will they stay?

  • How

    do we preserve our tourism assets?

  • What

    will the industry need to meet this increasing demand?

Get Involved

Tourism Drives Growth is your chance to get behind our industry.

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